Wonder Carols

To celebrate the Wonderfilled magic of the holidays, we created six OREO "Wonder Carols" – highly personalized animation based on a social exchange of Yule-fueled ideas. How did it all work? We created a launch video to explain the concept: you tweet a description of a favorite holiday memory or tradition, tag it #wondercarols and you might find your post brought to life as an original animated song.

Armed with rubber cement, tape, toothpicks and tweezers, our team of elves went to work transforming stacks of paper stock into a menagerie of holiday-themed miniatures. Our paper cutters whirled for days while a table-top DP photographed each set. A little cel-animation and a lot of love brought it all together in time to launch.

With the message out, we began receiving original songs from our friends at The Martin Agency. We were able to concept, illustrate, animate and deliver the next five animations before the kids woke up. The result was a well-received and highly festive mini-campaign, garnering over 4.8M views on YouTube alone.

Each spot was a direct response to a social post.
Here are six more spots to check out...



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Modern Holiday




Our goal for the launch video was to create a fresh and modern feeling for the holidays through the layering of 2D animation over handcrafted dioramas. The production of these paper craft elements meant our team got to step away from their computers, roll their sleeves up, and break out the X-Acto knives. Painstaking work has never been more refreshing.