Tic Tac

Go Little!

Where does funny come from? An idea? A technique? In the case of Tic Tac’s latest campaign, we learned it takes a bit of both. The success of this work hinges upon staying true to the core concept while creating the space and time necessary for humor to come alive. And great ideas are only the first step. The wonky timing and awkward pauses that we love to laugh at are achieved through meticulous craft. When concepts are brought to the timeline they show unintended consequences as well as surprising new dimensions and possibilities. Work like this can only be created through a comprehensive relationship with the client. We were fortunate enough to be involved with Go Little early in the creative process, which allowed us time to test ideas and animations in a collaborative exploration with the agency creative team. This process opened the door to some surprising new ideas and helped elevate the finished product.



Bowling Ball

Clown Car

Comic Timing

It's tough to pack in all the action into about 9 seconds of animation. In fact, we've seen a ton of great Tic Tac stories come through our doors only to die as we dig deeper into development. This is a great example of the detail in which each piece must be carefully planned out. In the end things always slide around a bit as animation develops, but we knew we had a good joke before we jumped into full scale production.

Prop Development

We've created a very special little Tic Tac world. It may seem simple but there is a crucial balance. Every prop needs to fit with the Tic Tac without letting you question scale. Each element needs to be properly abstracted to resemble the real world but not replicate it. Never can the audience trip up on the lack of realism, or logic, while still believing that the scene is really happening somewhere out there. It's all this working and reworking of the props and sets that lets the mind forget about the real and go free for a little while.