RITZ Crisp & Thins

March Madness

Have you ever seen a mascot try and eat a Crisp & Thin? Well we have, and it’s messy. We had a blast experimenting with slow-mo crackers falling through the sky and some rowdy mascots for these delicious March Madness spots.

Really. Slow. Motion.

The king of slow-motion cameras is the Phantom and we finally got to test its limits. To achieve slow-motion and freefall at the same time, we had to run at 900+ frames per second, and drop the camera with the crackers as they tumbled downwards. While the vertical drop was only about 4 feet of height, the ultra slow frame rate gave us upwards of 5 seconds of usable footage per drop.

Bold Graphic Action

RITZ Crisp & Thins is a flavorful product that stands out from the crowd. To match this attitude we wanted to create a bold environment so the crackers would visually pop. Keeping the color palette basic, the shapes elemental, and the sets simple, allowed this live action shoot to feel like a graphic world.