Chips Ahoy

It Takes Ahoy

It’s the little things; the quick glances, the perfectly timed blinks, the tiny little adjustments to his stance. These are the details that give our little Cookie Guys the understated character that delivers the oversized laughs. These spots were easily some of the funniest days we’ve had and the final product gleams with subtle storytelling and fine finish.

Vapor Simulation

It is core to the "Ice Cream Headache" concept that our little Cookie Guy ice cream sundaes seem SUPER cold. To us, that meant a subtle flow of icy water vapor steaming off the cups. This was a perfect opportunity to break out fluid simulation to give an icy touch.

Character Rigging

This is the character rig that brought our Cookie Guys to life. Complete with some non-conventional adaptation, like rails to slide the arms up the body and a mouth that limits stretch, which retains the doughy nature of our characters

It’s easy to feel proud this time. It’s amazing how
many difficult situations come up when your character is made out of dough, and his arms are shorter than his mouth is wide. Not to mention the Cookie Guy IS the product. Our character rigs allowed our animators to coordinate every detail of this little guy's anatomy. And our animators took advantage of every aspect of that rig to deliver movements so delicate that you can sense the Cookie Guys’ thoughts.