Power of a box

It’s always tough to tell a brand’s story. It’s even tougher when the story spans 70 years of evolution and progress. But the toughest part about telling this story was truly honoring one of the oldest and greatest humanitarian foundations on the globe. ’Power of a Box’ touches on the history, the evolution and the sheer scope of the work that the CARE Foundation has been delivering since the first half of last century, an effort that has improved the lives of a billion people in 90 countries
around the world. Then we took it another step.

The core message and visuals of ’Power of a Box’ have been translated to an additional :30 and :15, as well as print, digital and social media to create a new campaign for CARE. Our hope is that an organization that was at one point the "go to" for humanitarian contribution will again become a household name that people know and trust. We look forward to continuing to push their message and help them deliver lasting change.

Commemorative Poster

As a final touch, Hue&Cry designed and pressed a 6-color poster commemorating the CARE Foundation. A short run of only fifty of these hand-screened posters exist and have mostly been given to our client collaborators, contributing artists and staff team members as a token of our appreciation and love for this project.


CARE uses printed materials for the majority of their promotional media, placed in airports, malls and magazines, as well as mailers and web banners. Concepts are often adapted to all of these formats. In order for the design team over at CARE to be capable of generating comps for their vast array of channels, we created a massive asset catalog and style guide, including elements from nearly every shot, copy lines, background textures, plus two hand-drawn typefaces.