We are currently looking to fill these roles...



You’re a quick wit with top level animation skills, an eye for design, and a passion for telling stories. You’re a clear and easy communicator who has experience managing, mentoring, and inspiring a team. You are able to do, explain, and show good work to animators and encourage them to always be better. Collaboration is important to you because you know it elevates the quality of work. You’re a talented juggler of multiple projects and you flourish in a fast paced, strict deadlines environment.

Skills and Requirements:

• A master animator on all levels: 3D, 2D, cel, stop-motion.

• High proficiency in character animation and rigging, compositing, and visual effects.

• Thorough knowledge of production process for both large and small projects.

• Ability to lead teams and manage deadlines.

• Insight into how to evolve our production pipeline and improve overall quality.

• Able to adapt your techniques to blend with our studio, and help our studio learn new tricks.

• Minimum 5-7 years of experience in motion graphics / animation industry

• Cinema4d mastery is a mandatory, other 3D software knowledge a plus.






You must be a talented creative with design savvy, a graceful touch with typography, a gifted storyteller, and have an impeccable sense of style. Your attention to detail is thorough, and a radical conceptual symphony pours from your brain. We are a studio of makers, having a passion for craft and artistic talent to back up that passion is a must.

As an art director you’ll need to be able to concept ideas, design pitch-winning style frames, and be able to communicate your ideas verbally and in written form. You should be collaborative and able to lead a team to achieve your vision.

Skills and Requirements:

• Create and present concepts, boards and style frames to clients.

• Work closely with, lead, and inspire a team designers and animators.

• 3-5 years of experience as a creative in the motion design or animation industry.

• Deep understanding of fundamental visual design principles.

• Strong artistic skill is a must. We need people who can draw, illustrate, paint, sculpt, build, craft, and design.

• A knowledge of 3d software, compositing and lighting also a plus.

• Be willing to fail. We are here to support you and help you get back up.




As a designer you’ll be charged with developing pitch-winning style frames, illustrations, and layouts that grab the viewer’s attention. This means bringing big ideas and fresh looks to the table, and be proficient at creating work ranging from contemporary illustration to stylized graphic language and photo-real compositing. You should be a highly prolific artist and able to use multiple tools and techniques to bring ideas to life.

Skills and Requirements:

• Deep understanding of fundamental visual design principles.

• Strong sense of design, illustration, and typography, and photo-real compositing.

• A knowledge of Cinema 4D, compositing and lighting also a plus.

• Highly organized, self-motivated and adaptable to changing priorities and strict deadlines.