TIC TAC: Little Adventures Campaign


"Once we were all laughing, we knew we were ready to start..."


In a great big world, dare to be little. And with a little effort, you might have a lot of fun… We certainly did in this campaign for Tic Tac with The Martin Agency. Our journey began in the edit suite where we crafted the humor, tone, and timing of each Little Adventure. Once we were all laughing, we knew we were ready to start on production. With the boardomatics as our roadmap, we were able to determine which props and sets we would need for the shoot. There was just one catch: we were required to use real Tic Tac mints, which are only about 3/8” x 1/8”.

They really are little! So we partnered with Nix + Gerber, maestros of miniature dioramas, who broke out the magnifying glasses and crafted four unique sets including the Ocean, Grand Canyon, Niagara River, and Mars. We were able to capture each pill-based stunt by looking through the snorkel-like tube of a borescope lens. Yelling “cut!” at the end of each take was replaced with laughter and applause – a sentiment that carried us all through post-production and into the world. The great big world.

Behind the Scenes